• Dr. Krishan Kumar, IAS
    Dr. Krishan Kumar, IAS
    Administrator, BMC
  • Sj. Samarth Verma
    Sj. Samarth Verma, IAS
    Commissioner, BMC

Land and Assets

This Department is responsible for all land related issues under BMC area such as land clearance for development activity, submission of proposal for land alienation for establishment of neighborhood market, community centers, kalyan mandaps, slaughter houses etc.

Collection of rent from 185 Slum quarters and 29 Kiosks

Roles and Functions

  • Identification and submission of proposal for land alienation for establishment of neighborhood market, Community center, Kalyan Mandap, Slaughter House, Kine House etc.
  • BMC is the nodal authority for site selection for OMFED, OPOLFED, KIOSKS, STD, PCO, etc in the Bhubaneswar Municipal Corporation area and filing requisition with G.A Dept. for permissive possession of the land.
  • Vesting of private property with the Corporation with consent of the owner for its subsequent repair and maintenance out of Corporation funds under section -271 of the OMC Act- 2003
  • Main Responsibilities
  • Land clearance for development activity.
  • Acquisition of immoveable property required by the Corporation under the Land Acquisition Act.
  • Submission of proposal for land alienation for establishment of community center, Kalyan Mandaps etc.
  • Removal of building materials and debris as per section-528 of the OMC Act -2003.
  • Impounding stray cattle in the BMC Kine House.
  • Joint eviction with BDA and G.A Dept. for removal eviction of unauthorized construction / structure within the corporation limits.

Recovery and Enforcement

For the wider interest of the Bhubaneswar citizens this department works for removal of un authorized encroachment over roads and drains, removal of building materials and debris and impounding stray cattle in BMC area.

Main Responsibilities

  • Removal of unauthorized encroachment over roads and in BMC area.
  • Clearance of public area from enforcement where ever necessary.

Land Details