• Dr. Krishan Kumar, IAS
    Dr. Krishan Kumar, IAS
    Administrator, BMC
  • Sj. Samarth Verma
    Sj. Samarth Verma, IAS
    Commissioner, BMC

Physical progress

Conservation and Management of Bindusagar Lake

  • Periphery development work & bioremediation work under progress limiting to availability of funds

Integrated Sewerage System

  • Survey work is completed for 70km length of sewer.
  • Approval of design and drawing is awaited for want of 4(i) Notification for the land to be acquired.
  • Possession of land for STP has been taken over.
  • Laying of sewer, construction of manhole and connecting chambers are under progress.
  • 15 km length of sewer laying has been completed

Strom Water Drainage System

  • Funds received during May 2009.
  • Detailed engineering design, pre tendering process is under progress.
  • Joint demarcation of 10 no. of drains is to be taken up soon with the support of BDA and GA Deptt. 

City Bus Service

  • Funds received during March 2009.
  • SPV in the name of BPTSL is formed.
  • GoO procured 55 standard buses of Tata make.
  • Purchase order of mini buses placed.
  • Private operator, Dream Team Sahara is selected to operate the same through competitive bidding process.
  • State Govt. and BPTSL will provide infrastructure support to DTS.
  • Bus service is to be started on 10.10.2010.

Mandatory Reforms

  • Implementation of Accounting Reforms
  • Property Tax Reforms
  • Reforms in levy of user charges
  • Implementation of e-governance in Municipalities.
  • Earmarking of funds for basic services to the Poor.