• Dr. Krishan Kumar, IAS
    Dr. Krishan Kumar, IAS
    Administrator, BMC
  • Sj. Samarth Verma
    Sj. Samarth Verma, IAS
    Commissioner, BMC


The BMC is taking the environmental issues very sensitively and always remains cautious for an environ friendly and green Bhubaneswar. The environmental Department of BMC has seriously concerns on creating a greenery atmosphere for Bhubaneswar. The department encourages plantation in BMC area.

Roles and Functions

The year wise tree / saplings planted by BMC within BMC area as below

Year No of Trees Planted
2014-15 3930 No.
2013-14 3990 No.
2012-13 3530 No.

Types of Plantation

  • Kadamba
  • Nima
  • Krushnachuda
  • Karanja
  • Patuli
  • Baula
  • Dabadaru
  • Buttole Brush
  • Radha chuda
  • To have good number of plantation
  • To create an environment friendly atmosphere
  • To encourage plantation activities in BMC
  • To Develop Park in BMC area

Main Responsibilities

  • Plantation Activities in BMC area
  • To Develop and Maintain Parks in BMC area